Two Year Associates Degree Course Overview

Years 2021 - 2023
*Courses vary in timeframe (2 weeks to 5 weeks)


Answers the vital questions: “Who is called?”, “What is a call?” and “What attributes are necessary to fulfilling the call?” Gives the student a view of their own calling and counting up the cost.

Year One: Leadership Basics
Semester 1: Foundational Biblical Principles
Semester 2: Practical Applications for Ministry

Year Two: Servant-Leaders
Semester 3: Empowered to Disciple and Evangelize
Semester 4: Equipped to Serve Effectively and Excellently

Understanding God’s Call to Ministry

Answers the vital questions: “Who is called?”, “What is a call?” and “What attributes are necessary to fulfilling the call?” Gives the student a view of their own calling and counting up the cost.

How to Study the Bible 

Introduces students to various resources/tools/aids and methods for studying the Bible. This course looks at how the Bible is structured and views Greek and Hebrew root words.

Integrity, Character and Ethics 

This course explores the importance and application of Godly integrity, character and ethics for successful Christian ministry and leadership.  Ensures that going to the next level and staying there is the quality of one’s character.


Provides a Biblical foundation for the importance of humility and establishes God’s disdain for vanity and pride. Introduces the concept of fasting and praying.

Principles of Faith 

Provides an overview of the Biblical fundamentals of faith, and its importance and answers the questions. “How does faith work?” and “How is faith developed?” 

Dynamics of Prayer 

Emphasizes prayer as the foundation of the Christian lifestyle and explores the reasons Christians should pray and the benefits of an effectual prayer life. 

Time, Talent and Treasure

Emphasizes that time can be mismanaged or maximized.  Every believer is to utilized their time wisely making the most use of it and respecting the time of others. Also, that our talent and treasures are to be used to glorify God and to expand the Kingdom.

The History of the Church

Emphasizes the birth of the Christian Church and the historical aspects of the sufferings of others to maintain their faith and to spread the gospel.

Taming the Tongue

Emphasizes the importance of taming/training your tongue and having your mouth match your mindset by speaking positive declarations and avoiding problematic idioms.

The Authority of the Believer 

Emphasizes that spiritual authority has been delegated to every believer and that understanding authority is an important key to effective ministry. 

Divine Health 

Explores God’s will as it relates to sickness and disease; and provides an in-depth study of the origin of sickness and scriptural methods of healing. 


Examines Biblical prosperity and its relation to every area of the Christian’s life and examines the will of God concerning prosperity. 

Old Testament Survey 

Provides a systemic overview of the “types and shadows” of Jesus Christ, as represented in the books of the Old Testament along with delving into the traditional Bible stories.


This course provides a comprehensive review of the meaning of covenant, the three major steps in establishing covenant and the Old and New Testament examples of God’s covenant with man. 

Honoring your Man/Woman of God 

This course provides a Biblical foundation for showing proper honor to men and women of God with an emphasis on those who are called to leadership positions within the Body of Christ. 

Being an Effective Servant 

This course provides a Biblical look at the proper attitude necessary to be an effective servant in the Kingdom of God. 


Introduces and examines the meaning, and principle steps, involved in Evangelism-Discipleship. This in-depth study will assist and allow the student to develop an extensive view of the concept of personal evangelism and discipleship. 

Introduction to Christian Apologetics

Christian Apologetics explores the branch of theology that is concerned with defending and proving the truth of Christian doctrine.  This study identifies what  we believe as Christians and explores other worldviews.

Gifts of Holy Spirit

This course provides an in-depth study of the source, types and purpose of spiritual gifts. 

Spiritual Warfare

Provides an in-depth study of spiritual warfare and explores Biblical principles for identifying and taking authority over the enemy. 

Biblical Leadership

This course is an examination and application of the attributes, styles and objectives of great Biblical leaders. 

Ministry Gifts

Defines each role and purpose of the five-fold ministry gifts and explores the role of women in ministry. 

Sermon Preparation and Presentation

Sermon Preparation and Presentation Provides the necessary skills for effectively preparing sermons and ministering the Word of God. 

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